Maybe I should start telling people about this One Weird Trick™ to drastically improve their (pocket) computer's performance: Closing the bloody web browser.

@masklayer we should patch mastodon so when a server gets shut down it somehow sends out a like I'M DYING message to every server it federates with to held with account migration or something


Well that's lovely. Phone screen started flickering pretty badly all of a sudden, including completely blanking out at one point.
Tabbing out of the app and back in fixed it but uh... I've seen this before, with my first phone. It led to death. Granted it took like 6 months or something.

Our new black Fairphone 3 protective case is now available to order! It's slim, lightweight and soft, yet sturdy enough to survive unexpected shocks and drops. Just in case… we’ve got you covered! 😉📱Check it out 👉:

A yet another poll.

Several users have been asking about push notifications and I declined that because:

Draining battery means hating users.
Using FCM(Google Services) violates GPL license.
Google has monopolized Push Messaging on Android. So there is no good and reliable alternatives to FCM yet

Recently, I came up with this theoretical solution in three steps:

I’m adding a feature in Husky that will allow for external application to wake up Husky and fetch available notifications from instance.
I’m writing a relay that will retranslate Push Notifications got from Pleroma/Mastodon to FCM or using existing relays by Roma or SubwayTooter developers.
I’m writing this external application that will catch notifications got from Google and wake up Husky and here we come to full circle.

In the end, this doesn’t violate GPL because I’m not linking GPL code to proprietary FCM, instead everything is done by standalone application. For paranoid users this kept completely optional, if you don’t want, you may not leak your data to my server. Ideally, the contents of your messages should NOT leak to Google. Maybe I could seamlessly replace FCM with free and open source OpenPush later, but that’s only if our world will be a better place.

Personally I don’t like getting any kind of notifications. But I don’t make Husky only for myself and I think users should decide. So my question is, should I work on this at all?

Password managers are to authentication as JavaScript is to web. That is, completely the wrong way to solve a legitimate problem. In the case of authentication though, we've had public key encryption stuff for longer. Why didn't we just do that?

Does anyone know any good coop games for linux?


I have a bluetooth headset. For the following situations, what should the volume of it be? And what do you think it actually is?
1) Turn it on, connect it, play music. Assuming I previously had it at a comfortable volume.
2) Turn it on, mash voldown, connect, play.
3) Turn it on, connect, mash voldown, play.
4) Turn it on, connect, play, mash voldown.

I will always reject the notion that a company has any authority over how I use the hardware or software I purchased (or received freely) from them.

They can list proper use and deny all liability beyond that point, that is fine. But I will not have them attempting to control my use to make me stay within those bounds. If I wish to go beyond and break everything, that is my choice, I expect no resistance, and I accept full responsibility.

Still can't get my phone to stop complaining about unauthorised actions, but I have gained a button mapper that actually works properly so w/e.

Ok magisk module that noobs out DRM stuff breaks Moe Can Change. Good to know.

Ok so I can't move system apps to normal space because errors with remounting /system as writable. But only with apps that would do this...?
Anyway so I figured out that the stuff I moved in was just stored as an apk and presumably unpacked at boot time. So I deleted button mapper with a file manager and it appears to have worked.

Oh and now Discord thinks I'm using a screen reader.

I switched from supersu to magisk.
Decided to check out /system/app mover again.
It works now, kinda. I can move things in but not out. Put button mapper in. Turns out this causes it to crash on startup. It still takes control of the buttons but never binds them.
Good news is there's a system setting in accessibility to disable it, and regain button control. Now they're just wrong instead of gone.

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