non-programmers: were you aware that arguing over which text editor to use is A Thing among programmers and has been for over 30 years

why do programmers prefer dark mode 

Search the entire PeerTube #fediverse with a single click:

No publicity, no "recommended for you" brainwash, no #BigBrother watching you. 🥁

100% freedom. 🎆

#Gnu AGPLv3 licence. 😍

Another kick in the ass to #Google. 🖕

Thank you @Framasoft !!!

#FuckOffGoogle !!!!

An Owl I found while driving around at work. It was rather photogenic shame that the camera on my phone is a piece of shit.

Midori never stops being bullshit. He just magically dives at a perfect angle to miss my robots, twice in a fucking row.

A game I've been playing for a few weeks now... I finally made it to character creation.

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