I'm that person that still uses Tripwire on my personal *nix servers. :D

Don't forget that something this simple can save your a**.



@k_anima Consider: A big digital anime marketplace. Federated rather than centralised (unlike Steam). Do you think it could be popular?

Incoming projectiles set off rocket sirens in northern Israel in the predawn hours of Tuesday morning.

The Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that it had “identified four launches from Syrian territory toward Israeli territory that were shot down by soldiers operating the Iron Dome missile defense system.”

The army said it was unlikely that any projectiles had landed inside Israel’s borders.


Dishonored 2 offers a demo. From this, I infer it wants me to play the game. Unlike every game that does not offer a demo.

This looks like a really useful tool to access my keepass password database from work. It's open source and released under the MIT licence.

It also doesn't tell me anything like an account ID, but it does tell me the type of account; but only on the applications summary page, not on the details page for that application.
But the types are different in this case so I can confirm that it's the 6-month-old account.
So where's my pending application, NAB?

National Bank of Australia's web service lists your prior applications; for new accounts and suchlike.
It doesn't tell you any of the dates for these applications, so the one that I have listed as "done" could refer to one from a week ago which hasn't appeared, or one from about 6 months ago. Handy.

will be at with a $2000 bot bonus, pretty cool!
For those who've never heard of either of these, it's all about fighting games. And Fantasy Strike is a game you can pick up and be competent at within the two months until Frosty Faustings starts (Jan 17th). So if you're in Illinois or nearby, definitely consider going!

Relevant links:

I want in ears that I can use for exercise like running. Is there a less expensive alternative to airpods?

Who has an Android email client recommendation? I'm using K-9 Mail, but search seems to be completely broken & never returns anything, which is a major drag.

Or if you know how to make search work, would love to hear that.

I'm using FastMail over IMAP.

this is how lokinet should behave when the windows build is run inside wine. before 0.6.0 the behavior was wrong and this release corrects it.

Any linux distribution that work well on tablet (with and without keyboard) please ?


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