Dear Foss Community, we need ONE decentralized IM platform with ONE great looking app for all platforms.
Element is close, Conversations is close, but not there yet. It has to be easy to register etc for non-techy people. To me it feels like a solution is years away?

Am I wrong? Please show me the light.

We also need foss solutions for the smqrtphone market, be it a phone, an OS and an app store. The world need this, but I know serious commitments are being made towards solving these issues.

"this is the tape archiver. it's good for archiving things to a tape for long term backups. it has no concept of random access or character sets or anything that would make it suitable for distributing files over the internet. also, this is exactly what we mostly use it for, because we just Do Not Give A Fuck" - *nix users, apparently

I've had my new phone for less than a week and I might have bricked it.
Good times.

ファイターの常のコンボの名前ですか?英語は"Bread and Butter"

documentation writers are unsung heroes

There's a band that practices just next to the bike track along the section I ride a lot. I'd tried to get around to meet them a couple of times, and finally succeeded; they're called the Human Condition, and they're still basically starting up. Unfortunately their only real online presence is on Facebook, but for those who use that, their page's ID is thehumanconditiontas.

"Support for really broken HTML. We never close the body tag, since some stupid web pages close it before the actual end of the doc. Let's rely on the end() call to close things."

Imagine making a site so bad you get immortalised in the comments of webkit's html parser code.

"The parser parses tokenized input into the document, building up the document tree. If the document is well-formed, parsing it is straightforward.

Unfortunately, we have to handle many HTML documents that are not well-formed, so the parser has to be tolerant about errors." I'm back here again. It was disappointing last time, I doubt it'll be much different now.

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