If a $60 video game worked on by 250 people sold 10,000,000 copies, and each of those 10,000,000 purchases were instead pirated copies of the game and everybody divided their $60 by 250 and sent $0.24 to each developer, they would all have $2.4 Million for their work and could retire immediately, and not a single penny would go to corporate executive leeches.

Hell, they could all pocket $1 Million then form their own dev studio and put the other $350 Million towards a new project.

Think about how amazing a video game would be if a team of 250 people could never have to worry about financial hardship because the game buying public collectively gave each of them $1 Million and then funded another $350 Million for the next project, and so they could all devote all their creative freedom and passion to the project without any worries what-so-ever?

It’s almost like corporations and rich executive billionaires are a massive and repugnant detriment to society as a whole and if workers were given equivalent value to what they put out in to the world, everything would be a much better place. Weird!

“B B B BUT IM A CAPITALIST AND WHAT IF THEY DIDNT WANT TO WORK ANYMORE!!!” Who cares??? They put out a video game that 10,000,000 loved and were compensated for their work accordingly. They earned the right to not have to work anymore!

“B B BUT INFLATION!!!!” you mean a socioeconomic construct that only exists because capitalism is set up under the assumption that rich people control everything and poor people deserve nothing?

“B B BUT NOBODY WILL WANT TO WORK!!” WERE A POST SCARCITY SOCIETY WITH THE ABILITY TO MASS-AUTOMATE BITCH!!!! Basic labor and infrastructure can be automated and science and the arts and promoting human culture can be what is focused on instead!!! We’re the most intelligent species on the planet we shouldn’t have to live like hunter gatherers!!!!

So yeah pirate everything fuck giving corporations cash. Ask the creatives that made what you enjoy for their PayPal’s and give them 100% of the proceeds from your purchase.


@Aarkethrix Like I agree with everything you're saying except for this. PayPal are almost as bad as the publishers you're decrying.

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