Looking for a torrent client. Must have CLI or real remote/network interface. Scheduler/limiter strongly preferred.

@fristi There are two types of cat owners. That is one of them. The other is "why are you licking the tv again? Are you hungry?" "why are you touching my notes again? Are you hungry?" "Why are you up there again? Are you hungry?"

Debian donates 10,000 Euros to fund free and decentralized live-streaming in PeerTube 💪


@Aarkethrix Like I agree with everything you're saying except for this. PayPal are almost as bad as the publishers you're decrying.

@manjarolinux But when do we move into an age of hardware-independent roms?

@roobre naisu, maybe I will actually care about the season. I read the manga, up to ch18ish.

non-programmers: were you aware that arguing over which text editor to use is A Thing among programmers and has been for over 30 years

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