Does anyone know or even use an app to track the expiration date of your food?
Needs to be easy to use so my SO will actually use it.

Y'know what peertube needs? Cute animal videos. Lots of 'em.

A face!
With eyes as black as night!
A terrifying sight!
The flesh rotting away!
In sickness and decay!
It's mangled by disease!
I'm unable to breathe!
Tell me what manner of creature this could be,
'Cause it's not me!

@pea lol yeah, I made a new account on AQ recently (I originally borrowed a slot on my younger brother's account to get Guardian benefits). Then played it for like 2 days and dropped it again.

Bitsquare says it allows you to buy and sell coins. It's listed as an alternative to Electrum, that doesn't. So does Electrum let you buy and sell? Is there a concept of a wallet that doesn't?

@roka If I could live in the moment, I wouldn't want to go back in time. If I get back on my feet again, I will pushed down, pushed down...

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