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Most of the windows in the house are open. There's a decent breeze blowing through, slamming the blinds constantly. We don't dare shut them, or open the blinds, for both would make the blistering heat even more unbearable.
Haha, just kidding, it's a hot breeze of course. There's no escape from summer.

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Game design ranting (part 4) 

Game design ranting (part 3) 

Game design ranting (part 2) 

Game design ranting (part 1) 

Ukyo's route is full of people casually figuring out the protagonist is a crossdressing girl at a glance and not seeing the need to mention it. I kinda feel like they expect players to do Asagi's route first so it becomes a reveal.

: Android 7 has a bug where you can't update an app on external storage via APK, because it instead tries to install it to internal storage, and fails because the package name is in conflict.

I've had a bit of broken plastic sitting on my desk for about a month, with no idea where it came from. I just found out where when I went to pick up my headset and the right earmuff spun out further than it's meant to. Great.

The dev channel on IRC has this in its topic: "Building and maintaining the best open source android rom since 2008, since 2016". I enjoy how technically correct it is.

Writing is hard, and proofreading too. No matter how diligent you are, some things are bound to slip through the cracks to be subject to public scrutiny. It can be embarassing, so we shouldn't make fun of it when we encounter it.
But sometimes it's hard to not do.

How your phone is made #1: Materials
Most manufacturers think about materials in terms of properties and performance, and worry less about their origins. Fairphone was founded because of our obsession with materials.
Read more about it ➡️ ⬅️ #DareToCare

Teramaze have a song called "To Love, A Tyrant". It's a good song, but the title alone is just 👌

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