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Does anybody know how twitter blacklist bots work? Like what things do they look for to add people to the list?

@blobyoumu Progress: I was missing the udev rules needed. When I last looked at it, I learned that Alpine doesn't use udev, and confirmed that online.
Except this time, I'm using udev. So I put in the rules, rebooted, and exposed two mistakes: 1) Didn't fix the group, 2) rebooted system instead of udev service (the file was gone after reboot).
But it's still not working in Fantasy Strike. I think this is because it can't open /dev/uinput for writing. This is because that doesn't exist.

favorite chat protocol/platform, and why?

I had an encounter with steak snobs today. Wild stuff, worse than foot fetishists, easily.

DHCP be like hey have you seen my uplink

And then your host is all what's uplink

And DHCP be like lmao sike gottem 😂😂😂👌💯 your gateway is, net mask and your address is

@blobyoumu (I have no idea which your main is) Have you tried to get a Steam controller working as a controller on Alpine? Apparently the normal fix is to set the permissions on /dev/uinput so Steam can read it, but Alpine apparently doesn't have that file, because it doesn't have udev(?).

Pre-installed apps can pick and choose the permissions they want without asking you.

Tell @google you should be able to choose what goes on your phone:


I bought like 1kg of bubblegum balls. Life's good.

Most of the windows in the house are open. There's a decent breeze blowing through, slamming the blinds constantly. We don't dare shut them, or open the blinds, for both would make the blistering heat even more unbearable.
Haha, just kidding, it's a hot breeze of course. There's no escape from summer.

`<noscript><div class='gracenote-header'>You must enable javascript to view this page. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote.</div><style type='text/css'>.lyricbox{display:none !important;}</style></noscript>` -, including on their API pages.

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