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"A password hash is a representation of your password that can't be reversed, but the original password may still be determined if someone hashes it again and gets the same result." - <>

I don’t know who needs to hear this but, having been looking at performance characteristics of JSON in Node.js today:

- JSON.stringify (synchronous) is blisteringly fast on regular JavaScript objects/arrays, etc.
- JSON.stringify is an order of magnitude slower when used with Proxy
- The fastest yielding module I could find (yieldableJSON) is an order of magnitude slower than JSON.stringify.

Also, { performance } = require('perf_hooks'); is your friend ;)

#json #nodeJS

This is a test post, relating to a bug in TheDesk.

#技術書典 9




I wonder if someone makes a labelmaker that's a peripheral, so I can just echo my labels >> /dev/lpwhatever instead of having to type them on the actual labelmaker.

I think the trick to Onimaru vs Setsuki is to react with bA as soon as she starts gB. I'm not sure what spacings it works at, but it can trade 1-1, which is heavily in Oni's favour, especially since it KD's Sets as well. Not that Oni can get in on her before she's up again in that situation.

pamac tells me there's an update for android-emulator. I don't use it anymore, it sucks, so I decide to remove it instead. So I tell it don't update, remove. pamac updates it.


Ello. I remembered I could just check my registrations folder.

I'm looking for a social network I joined ages ago. It advertised towards artists, was rather minimalistic, the default avatar was a vector-esque smiley face. Name was probably one syllable long, but maybe two.
I got shown it by someone on Zurker (rip btw).

undocumented breaking changes between versions and python, name a more iconic duo

I see a lot of open source software projects that do not do a good job of describing themselves.

It's okay. There's nothing shameful about that.

Most programmers aren't writers.

Just like most writers aren't programmers.

I can't code to save my life, but I can write some killer copy and content.

Know of any open source projects that need copy written?

I want to contribute.

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