I've been thinking of dropping Ubuntu and switching to Debian (testing, probably) on my laptop, mainly because of the snaps situation. My setup is pretty standard and I could live (currently am) using the Intel video instead of the dedicated Nvidia card... Any advice, thoughts or experiences is pretty welcome :-)

“Privilege is the human version of ‘works on my machine’” — @lrnrd #jsconfbp (photo @janl)

@hspencer échale un vistazo a:


los tres son generadores de sitios estáticos. el primero basado en vue (probablemente sea el más fácil), los otros dos en react

Javascript para programadores impacientes

JavaScript for impatient programmers — a pesar del título, explica con harto detalle incluso los aspectos más básicos del lenguaje.

Está actualizado hasta ES 2019 por lo que es especialmente útil para refrescar cosas de sintaxis y nuevas funcionalidades que se han ido incorporando al lenguaje.

El l


New template for fcovera.info

My good friend Francisco Vera recently released a new version of his personal site where he's continuously sharing his work and insights on the craft of experience and service design. You can also check the source code for his template on GitHub.


Performant front-end architecture

This performant front-end archicture article it's an excellent high-level technical overview of the entire process for showing a web page, from downloading resources to rendering and prefetching.



Setup VS Code for Efficient PHP development -- the debugging section it's a very complete for a deep integration with xdebug, totally worth it!

cc @hsolar

My good friend Hugo Solar wrote about the Creative Commons Chapter sites network, a platform to develop sites for local chapters; read it on creativecommons.github.io/blog

making web apps and user interface in general it's really hard by itself... but it's incredibly harder when you're left forced to take bussiness logic decisions because they weren't clear... or... not existent... at all

W3C and the WHATWG signed an agreement to collaborate on a single version of HTML and DOM | W3C News

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Later in the entry they said it better:

Philosophy of Technology

Technology is an ongoing attempt to bring the world closer to the way one wishes it to be. Whereas science aims to understand the world as it is, technology aims to change the world.


On striking the right balance between product on-boarding and better UX... because, yes, they can be two ends of the same continuum


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Read a very interesting piece -
An Instagram mystery, solved | Revue

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