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Hello folks! I'm now on Patreon! 🎉

Gain access to behind-the-scenes details and upcoming previews of my content and join in a growing community of open web and essentialism enthusiasts.

Check it out:

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Hello fellow Tooters! I'm a blogger, vlogger, and podcaster based in the Portland, OR area. I make videos about essentialism and travel in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and I write and talk about the intersection of art, technology, and a free (as in freedom) internet.

Check out my profile for links to my work and to check out all the photos I post here (so you can avoid that other commercial photo service!). I love chatting so feel free to @ me!

I should really do a whole photo essay on Tanner Springs Park. It's only one city block, but I find it endlessly fascinating.

All right folks! is now running v.2.8.3 — plus I added the Fira Sans font files to the local server here and removed the call to Google Fonts (ugh). Now we're a fully self-contained web service again! And you can do polls…finally. 📊

Starting the upgrade now! See you on the other side :)

Heads up — I'll be updating to the latest release of Mastodon this evening (US Pacific time). Probably starting around 7pm or so. Shouldn't be more than a few minutes of downtime.

I didn't really plan on getting a new phone anytime soon (still a happy iPhone 7 Plus user), BUT

* my battery life was going way down
* THEN I cracked my screen 😭

So I'm now the proud owner of a Coral iPhone XR. Getting it set up. Face ID is pretty sweet. I'll miss the portrait 2X lens though.

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I write stuff for my Mark Up This! weekly email newsletter you won’t see anywhere else.

This week I was talking about depression vs. essentialism. Also a photo of a classic Buick gleaming in the Portland sun. Yes, we get sun up here 😉

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Spring fashion is all around us, and this podcast is no exception! The Jared White Show and have a fresh, funky new design for spring, and it all started…because of an Apple Watch band. Also a throwback to the internet of 1996, depressed superheroes, and gender-swapping cosplay. Never a dull moment!

Heads up seven up! I've totally refreshed my website and podcast for spring this year. Trying something out of the box (for me)…something fun and trendy.

More details in the Patreon post!

2/ So don't look at the average results. Look at the outliers. The women kicking butt and taking names. The women defying all expectations. *Those* women are far more indicative of the future of humanity!

1/ I tend to be very skeptical of any study, teaching, or philosophy that contains language like "women tend to be like this" or "women tend to want to do that" or "women will think like this rather than that". Why? Because women have been so marginalized throughout history that many have internalized what societal expectations are *for* them, rather than who they *really* are.

I simultaneously wonder why more people don't know about this place and am thankful that more people don't know about this place #PheasantCreekFalls #YamhillCounty #Oregon #OregonExplored

Wowee! I'm excited for the premiere of my podcast's newest segment: Stuff Mastodon Says!

Special thanks to @nico @alana @nextcloud @cdevroe for their toots!

Check it out: (skip ahead to 12:20 if you wish)

#Mastodon v2.8.1 is out 🎉

Among numerous fixes, there are very nice changes around how sensitive media is displayed

Wowee! I'm excited for the premiere of my podcast's newest segment: Stuff Mastodon Says!

Special thanks to @nico @alana @nextcloud @cdevroe for their toots!

Check it out: (skip ahead to 12:20 if you wish)

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