Greetings! If you're new to Mastodon, welcome! If not, glad to meet you!

I first tried Mastodon back in May 2017, but I did very little with it until about five months ago. Since then, it's been exciting to see the network grow by leaps and bounds!

About Me: I run my own instance at and recently moved my account there. I blog at and record a weekly podcast called The Jared White Show celebrating the open web. I love hiking, synth music, and coffee.

@jared Hey, man! Good to meet ya. I’m completely new to Mastodon, so holler if ya see me committing faux pas! Intrigued by the travel vlogging and synth music in your profile. I do a ton of travel, and used to post a ton of related pieces at, but have temporarily set blogging aside while working on the novel. I’ll check out your media. Drop me a playlist of synth stuff you like sometime!

@markmcelroy Hi Mark! Thanks for the link, I'll check out your blog! I've gotten more of the travel bug over the past couple of years, especially since moving to Portland, OR. Such a beautiful area. Currently saving up for a better vlogging camera!

I've released a few synth albums at and I like a lot of synthwave. FM-84, The Midnight, Lost Years. Also more ambient/chillout stuff like Paul Ellis and Ryan Farrish.

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