What makes so exciting is it’s not a single commercial service run by a corporation—it’s simply open source software using open protocols that anyone can install on their own server. Just like email isn’t owned by any one company, federated social networks allow online messaging and following/follower relationships using the beauty and power of the open web.

I talk about all this and much more in the Mastodon special of the my podcast! Listen here:

@jared oh awesome! will be subscribing and checking it out for sure!

@jared Downloaded and queued up for listening this weekend!

@jared It's my sincere hope that Mastodon catches on. I know it's highly unlikely to ever truly challenge monoliths like Twitter, but specialized communities like this one is amazing.

I could never get into using Twitter; I'd abandon it soon every time I tried to use it, but I've loved Mastodon so far. Probably because I'm in a community focused on Ruby.

@jared This is true for the whole fediverse, not just mastodon.

@zack Definitely, and I talked about that in my episode. I think Mastodon is the first one though with a good enough UX to capture a lot of attention.

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