@dansup I'm excited to successfully interact with my Pixelfed account from my Mastodon instance. Yay federation! However avatars aren't syncing either way. Is that still being worked on?

@dansup Ah, no worries. Glad it's not just me then. Keep calm and toot on!

@jaredmoody Well, Pixelfed and Mastodon are two different codebases/platforms, but since they use ActivityPub and other open protocols to "federate" with each other, they can form one larger social network (dubbed the "fediverse"). A growing number of other similar platforms are in development too…all to rebuild social media in a way that's truly open like the web, or email—and not like proprietary commercial services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

That's the short version. 😜

@jared I get the concepts, but what are you doing between your two accounts? Cross-posting? Following pixelfed users from mastodon or vice-versa? Something else?

@jaredmoody Ah, sorry I wasn't sure what you were driving at. I have an account on the main Pixelfed instance I'm just trying out, and I'm following it from this Mastodon account. It works, but the avatars aren't coming across. Guess that's still in development…

@jared gotcha, cool 😎 I’m interested to see how relationships between platforms develop in the fediverse

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