My latest fun geek project in my ongoing quest to use self-hosted, libre web apps as much as possible is installing Gitea on a DigitalOcean server. I’ve used either Bitbucket or GitHub for hosting all my code repositories (including my website), but I’m planning to transfer them over to my own Gitea-powered server going forward.

More deets at the link:

@jared I was just looking at Gitea, interested to hear how your experience goes!

@jaredmoody So far, so good. I decided to try it instead of GitLab because (a) Gitea is a simpler and more lightweight app in terms of features, and (b) the UI is largely a ripoff of GitHub which is fine because GitHub rocks. I'm not a big fan of GitLab's look. Anyway, a longer report is forthcoming…maybe on the podcast. 😃

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