OK, I've purchased What should I do with it? I want to (a) convince web devs not to build with Google AMP or contribute to that tech in any way, and (b) convince savvy web users to block or switch away from AMP at every opportunity. I've concluded AMP is an existential threat to the open web and the robust freedoms of standard HTML/CSS/JS, and I want to do something about this.

@jared I assumed this would be about boycotting the energy drink. Do that too.

@jared it's super mtndew.

But also I strongly dislike Google amp too. I think if you convince people not to use it, the websites will follow.

@jared I'm assuming the site'd host at least some explanation of the technology and the risks it poses. Plus, maybe there's browser add-ons or articles that explain how to disable amp on either one's own site or one's devices, that can be linked to?

@jared (Also, alternatives? Like, use less/lighter JavaScript and optimize images instead?)

@janboddez Yeah, it'd be great if there were an "HTML5 Lite" or something like that which isn't new tech, but just a set of best practices and maybe a validation tool.

How about some "how do I do this thing in plain html/js/css really fast instead of using AMP"-Articles?
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