1/ I tend to be very skeptical of any study, teaching, or philosophy that contains language like "women tend to be like this" or "women tend to want to do that" or "women will think like this rather than that". Why? Because women have been so marginalized throughout history that many have internalized what societal expectations are *for* them, rather than who they *really* are.

2/ So don't look at the average results. Look at the outliers. The women kicking butt and taking names. The women defying all expectations. *Those* women are far more indicative of the future of humanity!

@jared "Not like those other girls." is a super common trope that gets old fast.

@Holly Good point! The dark side to what I was saying…which would only serve to make women feel isolated 😱

How can we get past these unhelpful tropes?

@jared Don't dismiss average people or studies of them.

@Holly Oh no, that wasn't my intention at all! Sorry for making you feel that way!

What I meant is that studies which claim 80% of some demographic do this or like that or whatever can be very misleading. It's essentially saying what's "popular" carries the authoritative voice for that demographic, ignoring those at the margins.

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