Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

Obviously we all know that here, and are supporters of alternatives like PixelFed, Matrix, Signal, etc.

But a Pew survey shows it's not widely understood…in fact a majority of U.S adults have no idea that even when they're using Instagram or WhatsApp, the buck still ends with Zuck.

@jared we need a wider conversation about tracking ownership of brands, I think (hope) a lot of people would be terrified about just how much of our society is in the hands of about 20 corporations

@xmakina @jared I recall seeing a version of that for tech-related things, which I consider more terrifying because they're relevant to more of the world. Although it does bother me just how many of these brands dominate supermarket shelves in Australia.

@Zergling_man @jared it wouldn't surprise me, this was just the one image I could quickly google

@xmakina @Zergling_man I'm perturbed by corporate consolidation of all forms. Even my fav tech company (Apple) is getting on my nerves because I think their whole Apple TV+ move is a bad idea. I don't need my smart watch manufacturer to give me The Morning Show. 😑

@jared @xmakina That feels a bit... "Apple are trying to be an all-encompassing company! Who'd've thought it! Sure hasn't been their entire gameplan for over 10 years!"

@Zergling_man @xmakina Apple wasn't a media company 10 years ago. They hadn't even started making iPads yet, and the iPhone was still fairly new. So this *is* a relatively new gameplan.

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