Hi folks. I'm sad to say this but I've decided to sunset my account here at I plan to keep the server online for the foreseeable future, but I suggest anyone using this instance investigate switching to a different Mastodon instance. If you have any questions, please send me a DM.

It was a fun experiment and I learned a lot. Thanks for being a part of the !

cc @willowlovestheology @Zergling_man @felipelavinz @jaredmoody

@jared ok 😞 I have yet to search, but do you know of any good guides for migrating an account to a new instance while preserving history/follows - if that’s even possible?

@jaredmoody It seems like that is a thing… — not sure if past toots come over too. I'd be surprised if they do… (but like I said I don't intend to shut down the server any time soon)

@jared @willowlovestheology @Zergling_man
@felipelavinz @jaredmoody

Folks might like as a instance that travels some of the same open web road...

@Zergling_man @jared @willowlovestheology @felipelavinz @jaredmoody

Am a member of this effort, and working to evaluate and integrate the bridge between the Indieweb and Fediverse related efforts, that in many ways are fellow travelers - coming at some similar problems from different avenues.

@jared thank you for all your effort on creating and operating this instance; personally it's been a great first approach to the fediverse and I hope to keep on digging into it 🙂

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