I know everything is whacked and crazy right now, but if you want a little break I posted a video from a recent trip I took to the Oregon Coast. Just me at the beach when the sun came out…woo hoo! ☀️🌊


An essentialist examines their life not only to clear out the non-essential obligations and clutter and bad habits and so forth in an attempt to simplify and focus. That's all good, certainly. But the ultimate goal is to orient your life such that when opportunities arise which are squarely in your sights for the lifestyle you most desire, you are in the perfect position to give an emphatic YES. In other words, dreams don't come true just by happenstance. You've got to prepare the way.

“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.” –Steven Wright

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This episode of The Jared White Show I finished strong with a list of some of my favorite films & streaming TV of late 2019, and out of all of them, one rose to the top of the pack:

🎧 Listen to the whole podcast here:


First photo shoot of the year! I got some neat shots of Portland's famed Pearl District and Naito Parkway which follows the edge of the Willamette River through downtown .

I'm so excited and grateful to begin a new year of creative joy here on Mastodon and around the web. A lot happened over the past 12 months to make it seem pointless or foolhardy to keep going with photography and content creation, but I feel like I've turned a corner and am more enthused than ever before. I love seeing all the wonderful, wacky, and diverse expressions of the fediverse, and I can't wait to discover what's in store for 2020!

Sun poked its head out the day after Christmas. Should have been singing that song from Annie instead of Jingle Bells back on the 25th! 😆

Last video of the year!!!

> Holiday fun in the Columbia Gorge & McMinnville. Oregon is beautiful almost any time of year, but in the late fall/beginning of winter it is particularly striking. I also talk about the future of the channel and what’s next in 2020!


“People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.”
–Anton Chekhov

KOIN Center — Portland's pyramid. One of the most recognizable landmarks of the skyline. Also rocks some fine eating establishments and coffee shops.

Something about the quality of light in late fall. Ahhh 😌

(Location: Cascade Locks)

The touristy areas in and around Portland, Oregon are—for the most part—actually awesome. Multnomah Falls is no exception! It's not that long of a drive from the city, and the views are breathtaking. I'm glad the upper bridge is open again after the past fires!

Drove by Cape Horn in the Columbia River Gorge Area yesterday (yes, an early morning photoshoot on Thanksgiving, wut). The view was incredibly breathtaking!

I get SO many compliments on this working setup everywhere I go. Somebody just stopped by and took pictures of the stand for future reference (it's by Lamicall).

My office on the go 😎

Lil' bit of a different perspective on an iconic Portland bridge.

_Fremont Bridge_

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