OMG, I'm working on a new Dark Mode for my website for macOS and soon iOS users, and this is looking SO-O-O-O good. I'm tempted to enable this as a manual option for anyone to use, and now I'm even wondering if I like my regular color theme… 🤪

I had no idea until tonight as I was just taking a random stroll though the hills of Portland that you can walk on a path right along Hwy 26. Very cool views!

I've been hearing about Salt & Straw in ever since I got here. *Finally* I got a chance to try it. (So did this other random dude apparently.)

It was good. Not sure it's the best ice cream ever in the entire history of the planet Earth, but it definitely hit the spot. 🍦☺️

It's toward the end of the blooming season at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, but even so the scenery was breathtaking.

I just sent out issue 29 of the Mark Up This! newsletter. I think it's my best one yet. If you're feeling discouraged or that you've missed your chance to do something awesome, I hope this message brings you good cheer.

I should really do a whole photo essay on Tanner Springs Park. It's only one city block, but I find it endlessly fascinating.

I didn't really plan on getting a new phone anytime soon (still a happy iPhone 7 Plus user), BUT

* my battery life was going way down
* THEN I cracked my screen 😭

So I'm now the proud owner of a Coral iPhone XR. Getting it set up. Face ID is pretty sweet. I'll miss the portrait 2X lens though.

Spring fashion is all around us, and this podcast is no exception! The Jared White Show and have a fresh, funky new design for spring, and it all started…because of an Apple Watch band. Also a throwback to the internet of 1996, depressed superheroes, and gender-swapping cosplay. Never a dull moment!

Heads up seven up! I've totally refreshed my website and podcast for spring this year. Trying something out of the box (for me)…something fun and trendy.

More details in the Patreon post!

Tanner Springs: one of my favorite spots in the Pearl. A delight no matter what the season!

📺 Episode 10 of Essential Life

I did something totally stupid…I accidentally erased my iMac hard drive which had a full edit of this video. Luckily I recovered the raw footage, so this is my SECOND attempt at putting a vlog episode together. I visited Bothell, WA — the place my mom wrote a piece of Celtic music for entitled “The Woods of Bothell” — as well as the way cool Gasworks Park in Seattle. Stay tuned for Part II of my road trip, coming very soon!

Continuing my series from an early February hike through the snow-frosted woods. The lantern lamps in Noble Woods Park are so-o-o cool. Just my style.

Continuing my series from an early February hike through the snow-frosted woods. I love the way this bridge looks after the newly-fallen snow! So dreamy…

One of my favorite artists is Jerome Froese, formerly of Tangerine Dream fame. He joined the group at the end of the 80s during a period of tremendous stylistic and technological change. His father Edgar originally founded TD in the late 60s, so you can imagine twenty years later there was much that was different about the “vibe” of the band (much to the chagrin of many long-time fans).

More about the newly remastered Dream Mixes II here:

I finally got caught up with processing photos from an early February hike through the snow-frosted woods. This one is probably my favorite!

I was messing around with ZenBrush on my new iPad Pro and this emerged. I apologize in advance to any Chinese calligraphy experts out there…I have no idea what I'm doing! This is supposed to say “Serenity.” Hopefully I didn't botch it completely. Anyway, ZenBrush is an amazing app. (This is straight out of the device—it's not actually a canvas hanging up in an art gallery! 😲)

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