Got into an amazing state of flow planning the week ahead after a fantastic workout. My brand new iPad Pro setup is certainly another contributing factor. 😁 Happy Sunday everybody!

Last Portland view before the "snowpocalypse" hits 😱 — get ready to see lots of white!

I had already been shutting down business pages on Facebook, but now I've finally pulled the plug on my personal account (which I wasn't really using at all anymore). That latest story about sucking teens' data with a VPN just tipped me over.

Goodbye! 👋 (P.S. I'm still on Instagram, but perhaps not for long…)

Welp, this is a thing now. First draft of my design for a new blog and course learning all about Stimulus, a lightweight Javascript framework from the Basecamp folks. I've really enjoyed working with it for over a year now…it's made coding web frontends so much nicer!

Hoping to get the site launched ASAP…possibly in February if I can keep up the momentum.

Out on a walk with my younger daughter, and she helped me draw this funny bird character on the path! 😃

A rainy day in Portland, OR today. I went on a hike earlier and got quite wet, so now I'm enjoying the dry warmth of a cafe. 🥾☕️

Take a tour through the bedroom we turned into a music, video & podcasting studio + sewing station for handmade goods! Plus some thoughts on practicing gratitude as an essentialist in the new year.


I am sooooo in love with the typography of this building signage. ❤️

Hello folks! I'm now on Patreon! 🎉

Gain access to behind-the-scenes details and upcoming previews of my content and join in a growing community of open web and essentialism enthusiasts.

Check it out:

I've been making a bunch of tweaks to my website over the past week…just added this cool "browse bar" which has popup menus for tags, post types, and various ways to connect with me. Every option has a little icon. Feel like it's a pretty nice interface convention.

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2018 was the first year I truly embraced posting my photography on a regular basis, and I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to share with you my love for Portland and northern Oregon. Happy New Year and may 2019 bring you much happiness!

(And long my the grow and prosper!)

Only two days left before 2019! How are you spending your remaining time?

(Photo taken earlier this month…I'm mainly just chillin' at home over the holidays!)

Merry Christmas! I'm thankful to be spending time with my family and enjoying some rest over the holidays. May your days be merry and bright! ❄️

If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining.

What on Earth 1 (or any other Earth in the multiverse) does essentialism have anything to do with Captain Cold, Wabi-Sabi, or Blade Runner 2049? Let's find out in today's Essentialism Challenge!

There's something uniquely satisfying about taking a nighttime stroll through an urban garden. 🌃🍂

Light trails on the Hawthorn Bridge

The Hawthorne Bridge is a truss bridge with a vertical lift that spans the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, joining Hawthorne Boulevard and Madison Street. It is the oldest vertical-lift bridge in operation in the United States and the oldest highway bridge in Portland. It is also the busiest bicycle and transit bridge in Oregon, with over 8,000 cyclists and 800 TriMet buses (carrying about 17,400 riders) daily.

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