Something about the quality of light in late fall. Ahhh 😌

(Location: Cascade Locks)

The touristy areas in and around Portland, Oregon are—for the most part—actually awesome. Multnomah Falls is no exception! It's not that long of a drive from the city, and the views are breathtaking. I'm glad the upper bridge is open again after the past fires!

Drove by Cape Horn in the Columbia River Gorge Area yesterday (yes, an early morning photoshoot on Thanksgiving, wut). The view was incredibly breathtaking!

I get SO many compliments on this working setup everywhere I go. Somebody just stopped by and took pictures of the stand for future reference (it's by Lamicall).

My office on the go 😎

Lil' bit of a different perspective on an iconic Portland bridge.

_Fremont Bridge_

Very soothing quality of light outside in Portland today

…testing a federation thingie…move right along…

(Unless you want to guess what game this is from 😏)

All the places a car can't go make the Pearl District a joy to walk. I'm always on the lookout for those hidden paths and courtyards when out for a stroll.

“Everybody is like a magnet. You attract to yourself reflections of that which you are. If you're friendly then everybody else seems to be friendly too.” –David R. Hawkins

I've never been so close to a large waterfall from the rock shelter in the back. Oh the drama!

I can't believe I captured this image. It looks like something straight out of a travel brochure.

Really, the credit goes to Silver Falls State Park though—one of the most beautiful places I've visited yet in Oregon. I can't wait to go back in the spring when the volume of water going over the falls will no doubt be much greater!

We're all told we need to say No to the things in life that aren't all that important or meaningful to us in order to say Yes to that which truly matters. But what if you HAVE NO CLUE what is most meaningful to you?

Here's a video about that.

I was pretty impressed by the fact I could have a Zoom conference call on my iPad while hiking near the top of Black Butte in central Oregon. Yay for modern wireless networking!

Apparently this is the face I make when I'm out scouting for good portrait locations and I decide to take a selfie with a "model pose" for full effect. 🤓😝

So you can take the Portland Aerial Tram up to the OSHU complex near Stonehenge radio tower, which I knew, but what I *didn't* know is you can veer right as soon as you get off the tram and walk along an AMAZING patio area that overlooks the whole frickin' Willamette Valley/Portland area—cafe tables and all.

Oh I'm coming back up here, no doubt about it!

Launch of new video show Your Valuable 

On set starting to shoot the first episode of Your Valuable. This is gonna be fun! ☺️

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