Tanner Springs: one of my favorite spots in the Pearl. A delight no matter what the season!

📺 Episode 10 of Essential Life

I did something totally stupid…I accidentally erased my iMac hard drive which had a full edit of this video. Luckily I recovered the raw footage, so this is my SECOND attempt at putting a vlog episode together. I visited Bothell, WA — the place my mom wrote a piece of Celtic music for entitled “The Woods of Bothell” — as well as the way cool Gasworks Park in Seattle. Stay tuned for Part II of my road trip, coming very soon!


Continuing my series from an early February hike through the snow-frosted woods. The lantern lamps in Noble Woods Park are so-o-o cool. Just my style.

Continuing my series from an early February hike through the snow-frosted woods. I love the way this bridge looks after the newly-fallen snow! So dreamy…

One of my favorite artists is Jerome Froese, formerly of Tangerine Dream fame. He joined the group at the end of the 80s during a period of tremendous stylistic and technological change. His father Edgar originally founded TD in the late 60s, so you can imagine twenty years later there was much that was different about the “vibe” of the band (much to the chagrin of many long-time fans).

More about the newly remastered Dream Mixes II here: jaredwhite.com/pictures/201903

I finally got caught up with processing photos from an early February hike through the snow-frosted woods. This one is probably my favorite!

I was messing around with ZenBrush on my new iPad Pro and this emerged. I apologize in advance to any Chinese calligraphy experts out there…I have no idea what I'm doing! This is supposed to say “Serenity.” Hopefully I didn't botch it completely. Anyway, ZenBrush is an amazing app. (This is straight out of the device—it's not actually a canvas hanging up in an art gallery! 😲)

Got into an amazing state of flow planning the week ahead after a fantastic workout. My brand new iPad Pro setup is certainly another contributing factor. 😁 Happy Sunday everybody!

Last Portland view before the "snowpocalypse" hits 😱 — get ready to see lots of white!

I had already been shutting down business pages on Facebook, but now I've finally pulled the plug on my personal account (which I wasn't really using at all anymore). That latest story about sucking teens' data with a VPN just tipped me over.

Goodbye! 👋 (P.S. I'm still on Instagram, but perhaps not for long…)

Welp, this is a thing now. First draft of my design for a new blog and course learning all about Stimulus, a lightweight Javascript framework from the Basecamp folks. I've really enjoyed working with it for over a year now…it's made coding web frontends so much nicer!

Hoping to get the site launched ASAP…possibly in February if I can keep up the momentum.

Out on a walk with my younger daughter, and she helped me draw this funny bird character on the path! 😃

A rainy day in Portland, OR today. I went on a hike earlier and got quite wet, so now I'm enjoying the dry warmth of a cafe. 🥾☕️

Take a tour through the bedroom we turned into a music, video & podcasting studio + sewing station for handmade goods! Plus some thoughts on practicing gratitude as an essentialist in the new year.

WATCH: youtube.com/watch?v=hsunUqGiPw

I am sooooo in love with the typography of this building signage. ❤️

Hello folks! I'm now on Patreon! 🎉

Gain access to behind-the-scenes details and upcoming previews of my content and join in a growing community of open web and essentialism enthusiasts.

Check it out: patreon.com/essentiallifejared

I've been making a bunch of tweaks to my website over the past week…just added this cool "browse bar" which has popup menus for tags, post types, and various ways to connect with me. Every option has a little icon. Feel like it's a pretty nice interface convention. jaredwhite.com

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