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Folks might like indieweb.social as a instance that travels some of the same open web road...

@jaredmoody It seems like that is a thing…mastodon.social/@Gargron/10339 — not sure if past toots come over too. I'd be surprised if they do… (but like I said I don't intend to shut down the server any time soon)

Hi folks. I'm sad to say this but I've decided to sunset my account here at OpenWeb.social. I plan to keep the server online for the foreseeable future, but I suggest anyone using this instance investigate switching to a different Mastodon instance. If you have any questions, please send me a DM.

It was a fun experiment and I learned a lot. Thanks for being a part of the !

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It boggles the mind to remember that only a few short years ago, some people were saying the "World-Wide Web" is dead.

Now the web IS the world. Or least it's very much the opposite of dead, and is presently, as Marc Andreessen put it, "eating the world."


Hey, it's a new podcast! To echo the words of Morpheus, WE ARE STILL HERE! 💪

If you’ve been wondering how I’ve been fairing as a Dad during this whole shelter-at-home situation…well, the answer may surprise you. (Spoiler alert: legal battles ahead 🥺)


@jaredmoody just added you to the contributors list! Attack of the Jareds…hehe

@jaredmoody yeah, actually it's in the monorepo -- in bridgetown-website. Should probably mention that in the readme!

@jaredmoody Hey, don't know if you saw this on the PDX Ruby Slack—I just soft-launched Bridgetown, a new static site generator (based on a fork of Jekyll). I'd appreciate any feedback or quick impressions you might have before I start blitzing the airwaves! 😃


Oregon stay-at-home order, info 

people in Oregon love when a slice of bread is shaped like Oregon, which is basically any slice of white bread that's just a little smushed on one side.

such a beautiful culture.

@MrRee welcome to the instance! those long walks through the data centers sound so inspiring! 😋

I know everything is whacked and crazy right now, but if you want a little break I posted a video from a recent trip I took to the Oregon Coast. Just me at the beach when the sun came out…woo hoo! ☀️🌊


P O D C A S T T I M E 😃

In Episode 52, Nathan Kontny joins Jared to talk about his journey from software developer to YouTube content creator, the challenges and rewards of presenting your authentic self, ups and downs in entrepreneurship, what’s the deal with privacy and the tech industry, centralized vs. decentralized social media, diversity in startup culture, and introducing children to an engineer’s mindset.

L I S T E N:

🎙 New podcast on the state of social media in 2020!

What they’re getting right, or wrong, and what is coming down the pike. You might be surprised where my head is at these days…

🎧 Listen now:
🔗 jaredwhite.com/podcast/51/

@Louisa yeah, now that the novelty is wearing off, I'm finding myself on the fediverse way less these days. Not sure if it's just me, or if there's something missing on the community-building/social side of things.

I love living in a place that is usually a desktop picture

@jaredmoody @maku Jared (the other one 😊) is right…whatever you post will show up on the instance Local Timeline and possibility get federated out to other instances. And obviously anyone who follows you will see your post in their home timeline.

This may sound like the craziest thing you’ve ever heard, but I watched a TV show called Portlandia and then I moved to Portland. No joke.

➡️ Explain yourself, Jared! 👇


One of the most depressing things about living in a capitalist society is realizing how much human effort is devoted to useless, and often harmful things like ads. Some of the brightest people in the world are wasting their talent on this garbage while our planet is dying.

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