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I’m in the theater. Avengers: Endgame is about to begin.

Excitement level:



“Do not shirk thy civic duty by forgoing a singular episode of Ye Olde Jared White Show.”
– George Washington

You can’t argue with George Washington.

I don't know a lot about #RamDass. But I've been listening to Pete Holmes' podcast and he talks about him a lot. He was talking about this quote just now. It might be my new favorite.

What Instagram Gets Right (shock! horror! 😱)

A deep dive into the greatest aspects of "that service" and what alternative services (Pixelfed, etc.) will need to build in order to provide compelling experiences:

Say hi to #nextcloud 16 🤗

New & better:
🧮Machine learning protects logins
🔎Smart recommendations
🔑ACLs in Group Folders
📝Projects to relate info across apps
🗣️Talk 6 with Commands
🛡️Privacy Center to keep you in control
✅much more!

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So many colorful trees in Oregon… I'm still amazed after living here 1.5 years!

A local movie theater is playing The Matrix all week. I never saw the original in the theater, only the sequels, so I am very, very excited to go see it! It's arguably my favorite movie of all time. 😎

Wow, this is the first magazine on—so cool to have them aboard! And with a rich 50 year legacy in the rock music world at that. Check it out:


50 years ago...
CIRCUS' Mar. 1969 debut issue arrived at the newsstands and in your mailboxes. The magazine had previously been known as HULLABALOO - named after and in connection with the television show since July 1966.

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