What’s the word for existential dread from a live updating page? Doomstare?

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Pat Allen released a couple of useful libraries:

github.com/pat/sslocal-rb - Make local environment ruby/rails SSL as streamlined as possible.

github.com/pat/sslocal-js - Make local environment js webpack SSL as streamlined as possible.

#ruby #rubyonrails

TFW you realize while scrolling through the public feed the other day you unintentionally boosted a very NSFW toot 🙈

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Grumpy rant:

Trying to write a script in Crystal to read RSS and post to Mastodon API.

There's one Crystal RSS shard, it's 0.1.0, no documentation.

Searching for Masotodon API wrappers, cystalshards.xyz lists one, crystalshards.org lists three. Try to click on library from crystalshards.org and page is completely blank.

Maybe I'm just spoiled coming from Ruby, but if you want to get work done instead of shaving yaks, don't use Crystal I guess?

Anybody who has mirrored BirdSite accounts to fedi, do you have thoughts on the pros/cons of sourcing posts from the developer API vs an RSS feed from something like Nitter.net or the now dead Twit RSS?


(others? boosts welcome)

Me, roasting coffee on a warm night:

Well, that temperature escalated quickly!

@signalapp@mastodon.social whatever you’re using for mirroring your posts to the Fedi is posting all your replies 😐

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Working on my Open Source backlog. Released #bundler-audit 0.7.0 that fixes a few outstanding bugs and adds a few things. Now to finish writing specs for 0.8.0...

@davewoodx Hi! 👋 - Just curious, is there custom code on mirrored.social to mirror 🐦 accounts? If so is it open source? I'd like to see how it's done 😊

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If you own a Raspberry Pi, what are you doing with it (right now)?

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Anyone actually _used_ a remote development setup like vscode-remote for a lengthy period of time? code.visualstudio.com/docs/rem essentially your client only runs the editor + everything else on a remote host?

I've been using
for the past week or so and it's really nice. Helpful and super snappy

Hadn't used terraform before, but it sure beat the hell out of wading through the AWS console. WIN.

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