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Hey, remember when Zoom abused app permissions to install an always-on background web server on your computer for no good reason? And now it’s sending all your data to Facebook even if you don’t have an account.

Maybe we need an alternative vid conferencing app.

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Even when Bandcamp are not waiving their fees it is a far better deal for musicians than any of the other online stores and streaming services. We should all make an effort to buy music and merch from there when possible

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Buying mp3s on like it's 2005. Fees are being waved so artists get everything today - buy some music and support!

Also officially cancelled my streaming music subscription and going to buy $9 worth of music per month directly from artists instead.

Ripping CDs like it's 2000 - but lossless instead of mp3 and streaming with 😀

Ordered parts for my @PINE64 home NAS/server build. Excited! 😁

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I'd be willing to tackle all that and if the overall experience on was compelling enough, but in so many areas I find to be as good or better.

The OS itself AND the dev environment was close though, I think it's a lot around app ecosystem. I love some paid apps on mac: Alfred, Airmail, 1Password, Backblaze, Postico to name a few.

It was fun exploring though :)

I think my journey ends here for now.

I'd still have to work out:
- webcam drivers
- backlit keyboard drivers
- backup solution
- photo management (didn't get into it)
- basic task management (I use reminders to sync things like family grocery lists)
- Voice assistant? (Love me some Siri)

I'd miss my unlock with Apple Watch too - I tried BlueProximity, but couldn't get it to work.

My single complaint here is with the integration with - it mounted as a network drive instead of syncing down files - so I had to install the nextcloud desktop application anyway.

Installing @nextcloud using snaps was so nice - I'm used to setting up all the services apache/nginx etc by hand and snaps made this *so* easy.

The instructions were great, I pointed a subdomain of mine at it, setup SSL with letsencrypt and was off and running very, very quickly.

The interface is nice, it synced down my files on both and and it seems to have a strong plugin library too.

Color me impressed.

✔️ Web browsing - Firefox, great

✖️ Password management - I use 1Password, and it's only available on Linux as a browser extension. It works, but :(

Most other apps you would want are there. I hadn't used Snaps before - they're nice! I've read can have performance issues but I didn't experience any trouble.

I noticed in the settings there's integration with @nextcloud, so I setup a nextcloud install for fun...

Maybe it's unfair to compare proprietary and FOSS, but I couldn't find anything I could *pay* for either. I love Airmail on mac, $10.

Moving on...

General computery apps [salute] on are a mixed bag. The calendar/contacts apps are nice, email is a HOT mess. Look at this garbage - geary, thunderbird, evolution, all look straight out of 1995. I had hope for Mailspring but after adding my credentials it just gave me a blank screen.

Really besides that though, everything just worked. My oh-my-zsh theme, git, VSCodium, everything just came over. Nice!


brew install postgresql@9.6


deb apt.postgresql.org/pub/repos/a YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE-pgdg main

wget --quiet -O - postgresql.org/media/keys/ACCC | sudo apt-key add -

apt-get update

apt-get install postgresql-9.6

Four commands I'd have to search the web for *every time* I setup a new box vs one I can easily remember.

Homebrew is 1000x better here IMO.

Today in my attempt to migrate to / - setting up my dev environment. For the most part, this was great - almost exactly the same as getting setup on Mac for me.

I think the main difference was having to add keys for apt sources - this seems like an unnecessary hassle.

Consider the following procedures for installing postgresql 9.6 on vs

Sure, it's a superficial take, but if the UI I'm looking at makes me twitch, I can't use it day in day out.

Also care put into design often translates into care elsewhere, including UX, and UX is everything.

From this quick boot/click around, I pick - the good ui, minimal fluff and encryption by default is attractive.

I'll toot more impressions afterI dive in further.

Can I actually be productive with it? TBD.

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