Well I'm f'n shocked. After wrestling with Atom bugs and performance issues (on macOS) for such a long time, I finally gave up and looked around for another editor. Tried out Visual Studio Code.

WOW! It's so-o-o-o much faster than Atom with a ton of UX improvements. Feels like Atom in the ways that matter, but definitely improves upon it. It's funny that Atom and VS Code are now both under the MS umbrella…I've heard Atom may fade away because of this.

Anyway, I'm a happy camper. 😃


@jared I re-visited and I really like the snappiness, but the UI feels worse to me. E.g. the git sidebar feels cramped as do the marketplace listings.

@jaredmoody Yeah, the Git sidebar UI isn't so hot. I might poke around and see if any other extensions do a better job of that. On the other hand, Atom on a network share slowed to a crawl doing anything with Git…yet VSCode remains snappy. 😃

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