Well I tried to install Ubuntu Linux onto a bootable USB drive, and instead managed to overwrite the internal SSD part of my iMac's Fusion Drive. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Several hours and mini-heart-attacks later, I'm restoring from a Time Machine backup onto my completely reformatted, re-Fusioned internal drive.

Moral of the story: if I want to play around with Linux, I'll buy a cheap PC. No messing around with my mission-critical, production computer!!! 🤪

@jaredmoody Thanks!! It's mostly back to normal, but I lost a vlog episode I was almost done editing (😩), and I also discovered—much to my annoyance—that Time Machine hadn't backed up the last two months of my photo library for some inexplicable reason. Waiting for stuff to resync and download from iCloud…

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