@jared for most of these self-hosted services, are you managing the server itself? I've been thinking about how if things shift to self-hosted in general there would be a lot of value in "deploy to heroku" buttons or something similar so people don't have to administrate servers

@jaredmoody I'm just spinning up DigitalOcean VPS instances and installing stuff via Ubuntu. I like where you're going with that idea though–in fact, DigitalOcean just launched their Marketplaces directory so eventually I think we'll see 1-click installers for pretty much any popular open source service. Exciting.

@jared looks like with DO you still have to manage the server after install the software though? That’s the hurdle I think would be nice to eliminate. I can do it, but still nicer not to have to

@jaredmoody Well, for the most part there shouldn't be anything to manage after the initial install…an occasional upgrade is certainly recommended of course. (Obviously that's not sustainable for non-devs, so hopefully the 1-click install concept also ends up translating to 1-click upgrade as well.)

@jared I’m thinking of os and security upgrades in particular

@jaredmoody right, therein lies the rub with the self-hosted option.

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