Anybody who has mirrored BirdSite accounts to fedi, do you have thoughts on the pros/cons of sourcing posts from the developer API vs an RSS feed from something like or the now dead Twit RSS?


(others? boosts welcome)

@jaredmoody @ChrisWere @yogthos

the first thing I would do differently next time, is only mirror accounts that grant permission. was banned from for not having permission first.


That's helpful, thanks! I def don't want to have to get permission from each account I want to mirror - but since I'm posting to/reading from my own instances I don't think I should hit that issue.

That might make me lean towards RSS from nitter though so my dev credentials couldn't be revoked


@davewoodx (if it might become an issue on the Twitter side) (Am I allowed to say the T word on fedi?)

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