Me, roasting coffee on a warm night:

Well, that temperature escalated quickly!

I've been using
for the past week or so and it's really nice. Helpful and super snappy

Installing @nextcloud using snaps was so nice - I'm used to setting up all the services apache/nginx etc by hand and snaps made this *so* easy.

The instructions were great, I pointed a subdomain of mine at it, setup SSL with letsencrypt and was off and running very, very quickly.

The interface is nice, it synced down my files on both and and it seems to have a strong plugin library too.

Color me impressed.

✔️ Web browsing - Firefox, great

✖️ Password management - I use 1Password, and it's only available on Linux as a browser extension. It works, but :(

Most other apps you would want are there. I hadn't used Snaps before - they're nice! I've read can have performance issues but I didn't experience any trouble.

I noticed in the settings there's integration with @nextcloud, so I setup a nextcloud install for fun...

General computery apps [salute] on are a mixed bag. The calendar/contacts apps are nice, email is a HOT mess. Look at this garbage - geary, thunderbird, evolution, all look straight out of 1995. I had hope for Mailspring but after adding my credentials it just gave me a blank screen.

Really besides that though, everything just worked. My oh-my-zsh theme, git, VSCodium, everything just came over. Nice!

For something billing itself as a "replacement for Windows and macOS", I had _much_ higher expectations for the look and feel of .

It looks like a bad mashup of OS X and cartoony linux gui that I remember from who knows how long ago. Also look at the layout on the settings screen. Hard pass.

I said "nope" out loud as soon loaded and immediately reminded me of windows. Maybe that's a good thing for some, but I don't need a start menu ever again.

I'm sure you can change it but 🤷🏼‍♂️

Next was - this was a nice touch during setup: gave me option to select language, keyboard layout - and had a mac option.

Overall feel is very similar to , but seems to have a lot fewer apps installed by default.

Also robots are cute.

Onward. The default desktop is...attractive IMO. Nice and clean and the bar across the top feels familiar enough to be comfortable.

However, there seems to be amazon/google things sprinkled around? I'm trying to move *further away* from our corporate overlords. A little distasteful to me.

I’ve been wanting to try as my primary desktop OS for a while - this weekend I’m demoing a few distros on my MacBook Pro and tooting initial impressions.

Where I’m coming from - I switched from windows to mac in 2006 and have been writing software professionally for the web since 2006. I’ve done a fair bit of server admin on Ubuntu, so I’m starting with Ubuntu based distros, but I’ve never used a Linux desktop GUI.

Here we go...

experience made better by packaging as a fluid app. I think if either I could sort playlists or "show playing song in playlist" I'd be happy.

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