@nateberkopec last I read in the May Rails WTFs it sounds like DHH hasn’t been convinced the css experience with webpack is better than sprockets - but I haven’t kept up on the posts in the forums. Think there’s a chance webpack will be the default in Rails for css in the future?

@davewoodx Hi! 👋 - Just curious, is there custom code on mirrored.social to mirror 🐦 accounts? If so is it open source? I'd like to see how it's done 😊

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If you own a Raspberry Pi, what are you doing with it (right now)?

@nateberkopec well not a pi, but on my similar @PINE64 Rock64 I host

- jellyfin for music/media
- homebridge so Siri can talk to more things
- airconnect to airplay to older Sonos speakers
- Jitsi (but doesn’t work great)

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Anyone actually _used_ a remote development setup like vscode-remote for a lengthy period of time? code.visualstudio.com/docs/rem essentially your client only runs the editor + everything else on a remote host?

@nateberkopec it’s true. Every time I think of leaving heroku I look at the work to switch and additional ongoing ops responsibilities and think...nah.

@nateberkopec haven’t seen much terraform mention in ruby land. Have you used it? Something you like better?

I've been using
for the past week or so and it's really nice. Helpful and super snappy

Hadn't used terraform before, but it sure beat the hell out of wading through the AWS console. WIN.

@jared I assume bridgetownrb.com is built with bridgetown? Are you going to open source that? Might be nice to have a non-trivial example site to look at.

@postmodern that’s a good point. Made me think about maybe prototyping in ruby and then porting to Crystal? I guess that’s the idea of sorbet though- add type checking once you want it

@postmodern that was my experience as well - though granted I haven’t worked with types in a long time. Maybe I just need to adjust to thinking differently, but it feels like I have to hold more in my head at once instead of just putting down what I want 🤷🏼‍♂️

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