TFW you realize while scrolling through the public feed the other day you unintentionally boosted a very NSFW toot 🙈

@nateberkopec oh did they get swamped? I ordered mid sept and got it in about a week

@nateberkopec 1Pass over here. Easy enough to use that I got my mom on it, but only cheapish due to family plan

@nateberkopec oh that’s an interesting approach, I didn’t know edge compute was a thing. Cloudfront edge locations got me far enough last time I was looking at this (had an image-heavy app)

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@chris nice! Hope you post your thoughts when you get it!

@soundofsun @chris I’ve used many - settled on Toot! primarily and Tootle Not super satisfied with either TBH tho

@nateberkopec only sort of related, but curious - are geographically located app servers+read replicas a thing that is useful?

@nateberkopec My app doesn't fit with 3procs, 5 threads on a 2x dyno - and 3procs/3threads juuusst fits but no headroom. Would you go down to 2 procs over Perf-M?

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. @thomasfuchs @robey

Now I just want to talk about my first PC 😁

It was an ‘88 IBM XT (10Mhz if you pushed the TURBO button) and when we upgraded from monochrome to VGA I was 🤩

Grumpy rant:

Trying to write a script in Crystal to read RSS and post to Mastodon API.

There's one Crystal RSS shard, it's 0.1.0, no documentation.

Searching for Masotodon API wrappers, lists one, lists three. Try to click on library from and page is completely blank.

Maybe I'm just spoiled coming from Ruby, but if you want to get work done instead of shaving yaks, don't use Crystal I guess?

@angristan @chris mostly Toot! and then sometimes Tootle, but not super happy with either

@davewoodx (if it might become an issue on the Twitter side) (Am I allowed to say the T word on fedi?)


That's helpful, thanks! I def don't want to have to get permission from each account I want to mirror - but since I'm posting to/reading from my own instances I don't think I should hit that issue.

That might make me lean towards RSS from nitter though so my dev credentials couldn't be revoked

Anybody who has mirrored BirdSite accounts to fedi, do you have thoughts on the pros/cons of sourcing posts from the developer API vs an RSS feed from something like or the now dead Twit RSS?


(others? boosts welcome)

Me, roasting coffee on a warm night:

Well, that temperature escalated quickly!

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