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@admin thanks for this mirror, very useful!

some additional twitter accounts I’d like to follow from you:

Stephen Colbert
Gary Bernhardt

Just found mirrored.social, nice way to get tweets from some twitter accounts I like that haven’t made it to mastodon yet

@jared arg tootdon isn’t giving me mention notifications, time to jump. Do you like Mast or Toot! Better overall?

@jared I’m thinking Signal but haven’t really dug in yet. Hardest part will be convincing a couple regular group chats I’m in to switch

Goal in 2019: Be a more responsible and ethical citizen on the web.

First step: Just migrated gmail to @fastmail
Next on the chopping block: @facebook, @instagram, @whatsapp 👋🏼

@jared late on this one, but I’ve been using the free Tootdon and it’s...ok. I’ll have to check out one of those

@jared gotcha, cool 😎 I’m interested to see how relationships between platforms develop in the fediverse

@jared I get the concepts, but what are you doing between your two accounts? Cross-posting? Following pixelfed users from mastodon or vice-versa? Something else?

@jared well shucks :) Hit me up next time you’l make your way into Portland and let’s get ☕️


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