@signalapp whatever you’re using for mirroring your posts to the Fedi is posting all your replies 😐

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@art ah I thought I was just missing something. I like to browse my local timeline sometimes so I keep a second app around for that which 😒

@art I feel silly, but how do you view the local or federated timeline in Toot?

@alex yes several languages stand on the shoulders of ruby/rails - saw a great talk tonight about Crystal as well

@alex 👍🏼 As someone who has programmed Rails professionally for a long time, I’m interested in the different set of tradeoffs when shooting for a distributed platform vs business software. Performance per $ matters more when you’re goal is reach vs selling a product I think

@nateberkopec I wonder if tree shaking will lessen the appeal of microlibraries 🤔

@jared ok 😞 I have yet to search, but do you know of any good guides for migrating an account to a new instance while preserving history/follows - if that’s even possible?

@damnyouwillis @art forbidden for good reason - IDK what happens next when they can read 🦀

@chartier main seems to be gaining momentum, but I’m still hoping for trunk 🌳

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Working on my Open Source backlog. Released #bundler-audit 0.7.0 that fixes a few outstanding bugs and adds a few things. Now to finish writing specs for 0.8.0...

@nateberkopec last I read in the May Rails WTFs it sounds like DHH hasn’t been convinced the css experience with webpack is better than sprockets - but I haven’t kept up on the posts in the forums. Think there’s a chance webpack will be the default in Rails for css in the future?

@davewoodx Hi! 👋 - Just curious, is there custom code on mirrored.social to mirror 🐦 accounts? If so is it open source? I'd like to see how it's done 😊

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If you own a Raspberry Pi, what are you doing with it (right now)?

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