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The multi-device support in Spotify is *so* much better than Apple Music though :(

Heard from multiple musician friends this week that Spotify is trying to squeeze artists even more. Attempting to move to Apple Music.

@pixelfed I thought I saw that you implemented an IG import - but I don鈥檛 see it on - did it get completed? Or does it have to be switched on by the instance admin or something?

鈥猀doba: imagine Chipotle, just worse in every way.鈥 have you considered rocketchat or mattermost for slack alternatives - or is there something that disqualified them for you?

@jared for most of these self-hosted services, are you managing the server itself? I've been thinking about how if things shift to self-hosted in general there would be a lot of value in "deploy to heroku" buttons or something similar so people don't have to administrate servers

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@admin thanks for this mirror, very useful!

some additional twitter accounts I鈥檇 like to follow from you:

Stephen Colbert
Gary Bernhardt

Just found, nice way to get tweets from some twitter accounts I like that haven鈥檛 made it to mastodon yet

Goal in 2019: Be a more responsible and ethical citizen on the web.

First step: Just migrated gmail to @fastmail
Next on the chopping block: @facebook, @instagram, @whatsapp 馃憢馃徏

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