The Holy Week-Easter time sort of holds a special memory for me. I was baptized at a fundamentalist Baptist church at age 15 on the Sunday before Easter 1991.

It's sort of interesting how I find this holiday awkward these days and it's one of those days I avoid churches like plague (the other day being Christmas Eve).

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Happy Easter
Chag kasher v'sameach
Happy day-before-Earth Day

Important for us white academics to actively promote scholars of color.
Important for cis academics to use trans scholars.
Important for het academics to use queer scholars.

Important to use our classrooms as spaces of radical change - even if the students don't read the syllabus

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I've started a curated list of high-quality online resources for anyone who would like to learn more about , religion, and related subjects. The list will evolve continually.

If you're not a fan of churches, another option is to look up a local halfway house that helps people get back on their feet after getting out of prison. My gram helps run a dismas house and they do wonders for helping people reintegrate after incarceration.

I guess what I'm saying is if you feel the need to donate, stop a moment and think about how to maximize your donations to help the most amount of people.

In USA, this might means taking an uncomfortable but sober look at our disfunctions.

If you're in America, instead of sending money in for Notre Dome have you considered sending money into one of the black churches who were arsoned?

One in Louisiana seems to have had some funding success on the back of this other popularized tragedy.

But there are a lot of other churches that haven't got the attention this one did.

On a meta level is kind of fucked up that the attention economy plays a role in hypocrisy of taking care of each other.


Mosques, synagogues, and black churches are being vandalized, firebombed, and attacked every year and y'all don't give a shit.


Photographer Beth Moon undertook a 14 year quest to photograph ancient trees of the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa #womensart

Franklin Graham, a son of the mass revival preacher Billy Graham, should know that Evangelicals maintain that salvation is a simple faith in Christ, not a product of one-upping each other to score some kind of "holiness point." At least apply same standards to cishet Christian men who divorce their wives so they can remarry.

Who's a "real Christian" to Evangelicals, anyway?

These are the same people who say that salvation is by faith alone, not work, and that reciting a "sinner's prayer" makes one instantaneously a saved, heaven-bound Christian, after all.

Why should Pete Buttigieg be any different?

With Notre Dame in flames (potentially caused by an issue during renovations), I can’t help but think of all the history that has been lost due to war & violence & that may yet be lost due to poorly-resourced fire departments & climate change.

It all feels so fragile and in need of care and cultivation.

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