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And the 20-year-old me was really into Benny Hinn and actually believed in his shit. I had traveled to attend three of his crusades, in Anchorage, Tacoma, and Portland.

Don't kid yourself thinking only old people are drawn to Trump cult. Young, idealistic, gullible ones do too.

The Tulsa Trump rally and its participants' downplaying of COVID-19 risks remind me of my youthful days when I attended Benny Hinn Miracle Crusades. It's as if you won't get sick if you have enough faith, you will if you lack faith. Trumpism is a kind of pseudo-religion.

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Whoever invented this gadget is probably making lots of money now

Thread by Dr. G. Jack Brown: 1/ THREAD: For the second time this week, Donald Trump used a church as a photo op. This image released this morning shows the President and… 

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