One of my newest inspirations is Unicole Unicron. I share zir vision of transforming thoughts and cultures through media.

ICE arrested a beloved Lutheran pastor in her pajamas, in front of her granddaughter. She has done nothing wrong. Demand her release today!

It is quite a historic moment when ECUSA and UMC go full communion. The CofE refused to provide a bishop to the Methodists in America, forcing John Wesley (a priest) to create a bishop out of Thomas Coke.

UMC and ECUSA working toward full communion. The Methodist apostolic succession is broken (since Asbury and Coke). Will UMC bishops get sub cond consecration and get the Anglican succession, like did the ELCA bishops?

"Theology without spirituality becomes ever more methodologically refined but unable to know or speak of the very mysteries at the heart of Christianity, and spirituality without theology becomes rootless, easily hijacked by individualistic consumerism."

-- Mark McIntosh (Loyola University Chicago)

And the church universal is sacramental when it knows no geographic boundaries, no political parties, no single language or culture, and when it advances not through power and might, but through acts of love, joy, and peace and missions of mercy, kindness, humility.

Marriage is sacramental when it is characterized by mutual love and submission. A meal is sacramental when the rich and poor, powerful and marginalized, sinners and saints share equal status around the table. A local church is sacramental when it is a place where the last are first and the first are last and where those who hunger and thirst are fed.

This is beautiful:

The purpose of the church, and of the sacraments, is to give the world a glimpse of the kingdom, to point in its direction. When we put a kingdom-spin on ordinary things—water, wine, leadership, marriage, friendship, feasting, sickness, forgiveness—we see that they can be holy, they can point us to something greater than ourselves, a fantastic mystery that brings meaning to everything. We make something sacramental when we make it like the kingdom.
-Rachel Held Evans

The Believers: VICE investigate how enigmatic, cult-like leaders build and maintain their followings.

Around this time of the year, many Unitarian Universalist churches celebrate the Flower Communion (or Flower Ceremony). It was created in the 1920s in Prague (CZ) as an interfaith, symbolic ritual to bind people together.

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