@hypolite @willowlovestheology @starbreaker She indeed conned anti-choice believers/activists but in the end actual women got hurt, not the anti-choice people. The somber fucks who paid her got exactly what they wanted, and I believe it's too little too late for this kind of revelation.

@hypolite @willowlovestheology Right, but these assholes were going to harm women with or without Jane Roe's help, because a mere Supreme Court decision isn't enough. We should have used Roe v. Wade as impetus for a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the individual's right to bodily autonomy after birth.

@hypolite @willowlovestheology @starbreaker That would be ideal, but in the meantime I don't feel people using money as a leverage to produce a fake turncoat to stoke their fundamentally asshole base is hilarious.

@hypolite @willowlovestheology

What I find hilarious is that they thought they had an actual convert on their hands. Fools for Christ indeed. :)

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