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"Christian community does not flow from the altar, where Jesus is made present, but rather starts at the margins."

This is astoundingly astute on faith & community in these times. Thank you to @hannahnpbowman for writing it, & @xasymptote for sharing it.

San Francisco announces two more "safe sleeping villages", where homeless people can set up tents while practising social distancing


Although a Deist, and often called an atheist, [Thomas] Paine argued that religious liberty was a necessity, saying that he was “fully convinced… that spiritual freedom is the root of political liberty.”

"As the West becomes definitively post-Christian, many secularists are suddenly realizing that Christianity may have been more valuable than they thought. While many — including Holland — cannot quite bring themselves to believe Christianity is true, they are starting to believe that Christianity might be necessary."

Preston Sprinkle and Eugene Cho talk about politics, so-called “Chinese viruses,” multiethnic churches, and much more in this controversy-laden podcast.

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